About JPDM

Proteomics is a rapidly growing research area that produces large amounts of data, which has led to complex challenges around data management. Proteomics data and datasets need to become more interoperable, discoverable and trusted, and therefore better used, re-used and more valuable. To address these challenges and facilitate better proteome data management, the field needs to develop formal structures and procedures. To this end, the Japanese Proteomics Society (JPrOS) is proposing to launch a new journal – the Journal of Proteome Data and Methods.


  • 2020.12.15

    Updated Instructions to Authors.

  • 2019.12.25

    The first Data Descriptor article has been published.

  • 2019.9.30

    Editorial article has been published.

  • 2019.9.30

    JPDM website was formally opened.

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