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About HUP-ML Editor
    A HUP-ML Editor is the software that you can create and edit HUP-ML formatted proteome data without XML skills.   As easy as using other software like e-mail software, HUP-ML Editor can manage HUP-ML with no hassle.   As shown in figure below, HUP-ML Editor is composed of two parts of graphical interfaces.   The proteome experimental steps are on the left side of the editor; otherwise, the information and the results are shown and stored on the right side.   By using a tree view of HUP-ML editor on the left, you may easily input experimental protocol information step by step.   This editor can show printable 2D-E gel image retaining each recognized spot position.   By clicking a spot on the gel image, a new popup window is opened to show and restore the identified proteinsf information.
HUP-ML Editor Version 0.80 features:
  • Graphical user interface to create and edit HUP-ML formatted data.
  • Template functions to avoid re-entry of the same information.
  • Clickable 2D-E gel image viewer and print function.
  • One step viewer of public data base through the accession number acquired by protein identification.
  • Protein data importing function to merge related data from public data base.
  • MS raw data importing and charting function.
  • Automated data exchange function from older version of HUP-ML to current one.
  • See the user manual in detail.
Please check the download site to download HUP-ML editor.
Questions, feedbacks and bug reports
    If you have any questions, feedbacks and bug reports about HUP-ML editor, feel free to let us know. Please send e-mail to
How to Install
  1. Download the HUP-ML installer.
  2. Execute setup.exe to start installation, and follow the instructions by the installer until it is completed.
If an error message like &ldquo Fail to initialize DOM &rdquo appears, please visit Microsoft download site to install MSXML, and then follow the instructions.
System requirements
  • XML parser software: Microsoft MSXML® 3.0 or later
  • OS: Microsoft Windows® 98 or later
  • CPU: Intel® PentiumTM III or later
  • RAM: more than 128MB recommended

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Microsoft, MSXML, and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

    The Software may not be copied, modified, decompiled, disassembled, rent, sold and redistributed.   Please read "LICENSE.TXT" in the directory where the software is installed.